The Rock and Roll war.....
        To most Americans, the Vietnam War has a rock and roll soundtrack. Almost every novel, memoir or oral history of the war by a veteran mentions the music that the author listened to in Vietnam. All the songs of the '60s were part of the life in a combat zone. Troops listened to Sony radios, Akai stereos and Teac tape decks and new troops arrived weekly with the latest records from the states. Many of the sound clips below were recorded on a reel to reel recorder in Vietnam. They were then sent home and transferred to cassette. The sound quality is not the best but it sounded good to us back then.

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        On AF Radio
                 AF Radio VN             I think we need a song with a message.
                 AF Radio VNThe Original "Good Morning Vietnam"...Great set of lungs.
                 AF Radio VNTalking about mail call and the need "To be sure to write home".
                 AF Radio VNWhats playing at the base theater (if you had one) 1967
                 AF Radio VNGeneral information..."from the Delta to the DMZ"
                 AF Radio VNGeneral broadcast and Chieu Hoi information
                 AF Radio VNThe song "Why doesn't someone write to me"
                 AF Radio VNThe song "If I could turn back the hands of Time"
                 AF Radio VNThe song "Goodbye My Sweetheart...Hello Vietnam"
                 AF Radio VNThe song "Goodbye my son".....
                 AF Radio VNThe song "Soldier Boy"
                 AF Radio VNNixon and "the Young Americans for Freedom"

        On the Radio
                 Hanoi Hanna            She had good music but lousy commercials.
                 Hanoi Radio            Warning from Hanoi. "Your not in Kansas anymore"
                 Local Radio 1Broadcast of Vietnamese Local Radio.
                 Local Radio 2Broadcast of Vietnamese Local Radio..
                 Dave Rabbit 1Under Ground radio broadcast in Vietnam.
                 Dave Rabbit 2Under Ground radio broadcast in Vietnam.

Open Music

        In the Air
                 Start Up            A helicopter starting up..Low fluid pressure warnings.
                 Dog FightA US Pilot in trouble over North Vietnam
                 Dog Fight IIA US Pilot and North Vietnam MIG make contact.
                 Gun ShipA helicopter receiving ground fire.
                 Dustoff 82Pilot, CW2 Delbert "Del" Livingston, 82nd Med Det (Hel Amb)
                 DustoffSounds of a Dustoff...Hard to hear voices over the rotor sounds.
                 Chopper PilotsConversation between Pilots after dropping troops into a LZ.
                 Chopper PilotsPart 1 Conversation between Pilots about LZ troop pickup.
                 Chopper Pilots Part 2 Conversation between Pilots about LZ troop pickup.

        On the Ground
                 FO..Incoming!           Do you want it on the left side of the road or the right side?
                 The "Band"The Stars and Stripes forever played by a Vietnamese Band.
                 ContactMovement in the wire!
                 Ground AttackSappers Coming thru the wire..
                 Ground CombatSounds of a ground attack at Rach Kien...Tet 1968..
                 The BriefingTheres a lot of people out there that are not friendly to us


Real Audio Slide Show
Images of a War


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        In Saigon
                 Saigon kids              The sounds of the kids in Vietnam...Numba 1
                 Street SoundsSounds of street life in Saigon
                 Boom BoomI think its a recent recording...But it kind of fit here.

        In the USA
                 John F. Kennedy         Ask not what your country can do for you.....
                 Nguyen Van ThieuAmerican Troops to Remain in Vietnam
                 Sister SoldierA song for the nurses. By Sarge Lintecum
                 Basic TrainingBasic Training "Calling Cadence"
                 Basic TrainingSounds of a DI....
                 Martin Luther KingI've seen the promise land.....
                 The Green BeretWritten by Barry Sadler.. Vietnam 1967
                 Moon LandingOne small step for man....
                 Richard DaleyChicago Mayor 1969 "The police are here to"......
                 Fixin' To Die RagA popular protest song of the time..
                 War!Same as the one above..It wasn't played on AF Radio.
                 Richard NixonPeace Agreement Signed 1973...
                 Drive OnBy Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson


Real Video Manchu Theater

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        In the Movies
                 Platoon               Those of us who did make it
                 NapalmI love the smell of napalm in the Morning
                 Steers and ***Drill instructor from "Full Metal Jacket"
                 Good MorningRobin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam".
                 FashionRobin Williams in "Good Morning Vietnam".
                 Bar-B-Q Robin Williams the "Wreck on the Ho Chi Minh Trail"


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