Manchu Ski Review
      This picture was taken in spring of 1962. Every year the Regiment had a ski parade called the "Manchu Ski Review." The units skied in company mass formation, as the photo shows, with a column of armor following up at the end. In '62 my platoon was towed on a rope past the reviewing stand by a fast moving APC. (The practice is known as "skijoring") We told the NCO commanding the APC that moving too slowly made the skiing more difficult because snow pushed aside by the vehicle fell back into the path the men were skiing in. As we passed the reviewing stand he lost his nerve and slowed the APC down anyway. The man behind me fell, and because the men behind him were all being towed on the same rope, they all ran into him and fell down in turn. A whole squad of men ended up laying there, with arms, legs, and skis, and ski poles poking up into the air, in every direction, right in front of the reviewing stand!
Frank Lurz 1961/63