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1) This photo was taken at Fort Greely, AK during a lull in training to allow the troops to rest up prior to an all night movement exercise.

2) This photo was taken of the crevasse rapelling exercise. The soldier was lowered part way into the crevasse. He is supported by a safety rope around his waist and two belay ropes with foot loops in them. The soldier progresses up the side of the crevasse by placing his weight on one of the ropes while the other rope is raised about two feet. He then places his weight on the raised rope loop and steps up. The lower rope is then raised another two feet, and the process is completed until he reaches the top of the crevasse and climbs out. Communication between the two belay soldiers and the climbimg soldier is critical.

3) This photo is of another soldier performing the same training described above.

4) The UH-1 Huey helicopter was a workhorse of resuply and transport of small groups of soldiers during the training.

5) The CH-47 Chinook helicopters were used primarily to transport the battalion initially to the glacier, and again partway through the exercise they transported the battalion over the mountains to another glacier to continue training. These soldiers are loading up to be carried over the mountains to another glacier.

6) This photo was taken as the battalion was leaving the glacier and shows at least two company-sized march elements winding into the distance.

7) This photo shows part of C 4/9 crossing a glacial stream. The men rolled up their field trousers and placed their mountain boots over their shoulders, crossing the stream bare-footed.

8) This photo shows another UH-1 delivering sling-loaded supplies.

Photo's Supplied by: Charles Storey MEDIC HHC 4th/9th 1975/77

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