After WW II the 9th Regiment spent five years of peace at at Camp Shanks, New York; Camp Swift, Texas; and Fort Lewis, Washington. With the entry of the United Nations into the Korean conflict and the commitment of the Second Infantry Division to the Korean peninsula, the 9th Infantry once again readied for war. Manchu troops were the first element of the Indianhead Division to touch Korean soil when they arrived at the Korean port city of Pusan on 31 July 1950.

Sgt Joseph E. Wilson
squad leader of the 1st SQ, 1st PL, Co K, 9th Inf. 1950

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1) Parade at Fort Lewis before departing to Korea - 3rd BN. 1950
2) Sgt Joseph E. Wilson (upper right) coming down the hill to brief his squad after a forward recon
3) Wounded soldier being helped back to aid station.
4) Combat signal corps pictures taken in September 1950

Pictures sent in by Sgt Joseph Wilson's son Joe Wilson, Jr.