This is an attempt to put two maps together to show a little more of the War Zone C AO during Operation Yellowstone which began Dec 8, 1967. Here are some facts about this map.
1. The grid lines are 1 kilometer apart, and the dark horizontal line passing through Katum is 90. The coordinates for Katum are roughly XT330900.

2. The airstrip running north by northwest can be seen at Katum.

3. Going due north from the north end of the airstrip, the Cambodian border is about 5.5 Km. The border can be seen in the northwest corner of the map.

4. Rt TL4 running southwest out of Katum goes toward Nui Ba Den and eventually Tay Ninh. Convoys did travel that road during the operation.

5. Rt 246 runs southeast out of Katum through Bo Tuc (XT380860), the runs due east where it passes Rt 244 coming up from the south (off the map). Just south of this junction is Suoi Cut where the huge battle of FSB Burt occurred the night of Jan 1, 1968 (probably about XT500800. The Manchus relieved the 2/22nd Inf. at Burt on Jan 2. FSB Burt and FSB Beauregard (at Bo Tuc) were about 13 Km apart. The Manchus at Bo Tuc received supporting fire from both Katum and Burt.

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